5 tips that will help you perform better

I’m going to give you these 5 tips that will help you perform better and be a good programmer. I may even make the second part of this one later on.

1. Try new things

Regularly try out new things. Do not stick to one thing all the time. If you always do what you always do, you will always stay where you are. Not everything will go right, but that’s part of the game.

2. Don’t choose what you do based on your passion

A passion is more like a feeling and feelings can change. You might not be sure if what you like today is also what you like in 5 years. It is an important factor, but you should also consider your talents and values.

3. Always imagine you write code for someone else

To maximize the quality of your code you should always imagine you write your code for someone else. For example your future employer.

We often tend to write bad code because no other person will read it. But that will not improve your code quality and once there is another person reading your code you will have a problem.

4. Know when to say YES and when to say NO

Every time you say yes to something, say no to everything else.

Whenever you agree to something, think about if it is really what you want to do and what brings you close to your goals.

Agreeing to meet someone if you don’t feel like that, just because you can’t say no is stupid. By doing that you are just kidding yourself.

5. An idea is almost worth nothing

An idea is almost worth nothing. 99% of what makes an idea is a good implementation of it. So if you have an idea, make use of it and build something. Even if you feel you’re confused about whether to do it or not, go for it. Because you will build more ideas even if you fail. Keep going.

So these were the tips I could give from my personal experience. I’d be glad if you can drop your thoughts on this in the comments. Happy coding 🙂

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