8 Powerful Habits Successful Programmers Have

1. Doing Sports

In programming you need a good mental health. You need full concentration and focus. But, by sitting in front of your PC all day eating pizza, this can’t be achieved.


Doing some kind of sports surely helps to not only become physically fitter, but also
mentally fitter. Infact, I’ve tried this myself and it has helped me to improve a lot.

So I would highly recommend you to do this.

2. Working on Mental Strength

Your mindset has such a big impact on how successful you will be as a programmer. A single choice to keep going on a project you don’t want to work on anymore can make such a big difference.

Good programmers read books, listen to podcasts or watch videos that help them improve their mindset. Keep yourself motivated by doing meditation so that you’ll be able to work on something and stay calm.

3. Daily Learning

Learning doesn’t stop after you have your degree. Especially in programming, it’s a lifelong process.

daily learning

Everyday new updates, libraries or technologies come out that wait to be explored. And when you finally finished learning them, they are outdated. It also belongs to a good mindset not to be annoyed by that and instead being fascinated by all those possibilities programming gives you.

4. Focusing on Essential Things

Think about what is essential for your programming career. You want to work at Google? Then deep diving into algorithms might make sense. If you want to become an Android developer instead, this probably doesn’t make that much sense. Successful developers don’t waste time on things, they know they won’t need anyways.

5. Learning with Documentations

It’s totally fine to start learning programming with tutorials. I did this too. They are just much more helpful in the beginning than a complex documentation.

But, after some time, it’s time to explore new ways of learning. Learning with documentations increases your learning speed by a lot because you find much faster what you’re looking for.

6. Start Writing Clear Code Instead of Short Code

The goal is not to have the least lines of code, but to have code that you and others
immediately understand.

Good programmers know that and they keep their ego back to not
write the most genius-looking solutions, instead the most clear solutions.

7. Learn How Things Work Behind the Scenes

Successful programmers always have the drive and interest to want to know how stuff works behind the scenes.

They don’t only want to know how they can use a specific library, they also
want to know the code that is hidden to them.


In the long run, this drive will bring you so much more knowledge.

8. Writing One Function Per Thing You Do

A function should do one thing. Good programmers know that and follow that principle.

Beginners often think, having many functions is bad, but it’s definitely not. It will structure your code way better than having few super large functions that all do several things in a single function.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I bet you will not regret reading other posts as well.

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