8 Things Programming has Thought Me About Life

1. Learning Alone

Every single thing I know about programming is what I learned on my own from Google and YouTube.

I literally had no idea what programming is, but thanks to the internet.

Teaching yourself is a great job. Like, you can just pick random stuff and teach yourself how to do it. Interesting one, right?

Programming gives you all of the freedom to create whatever you want. And that’s the reason why I got started with programming.

Everything you want to learn is available on the internet today. You just need to take a step forward to teach yourself.

2. Consistency wins – Not only in case of Programming

Coding once for 12 hours won’t help. You need to make sure you understand the concepts better.

What matters the most is your code consistently. You cannot make a big project in a single day. It’s going to take time and consistency.

When I started to code, I spent more than 15 hours a day on coding. But that didn’t help. I used to feel bored a lot of times.

Then, I decided to code for 6 hours a day. This helped me a lot. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t learning properly. It was like – I coded every single day (yes, even on weekends) for 6 hours.

That made me more productive as I was able to balance all the things and I did not feel exhausted.

So everything takes time. And this rule applies to everything.

3. Life is all about solving problems

Well, most people say they don’t like problems. Even I don’t. But, there’s a difference between solving problems and like those problems.

But, just think about it. If there were no problems on this Earth, what would be the meaning of life? There would be no meaning.

We all enjoy it when we do the things we actually think we aren’t capable of. Agree?

4. You lose when you give up

For a long time, I quit my coding projects if I got to a point where I cannot solve a specific problem.

That’s one of the biggest mistakes one can do as a beginner.

Deep down we all know that we can do it. But our brain tries to find comfort and that is where we come to the point when we feel like quitting.

Nowadays, I try around so long until I can solve that particular problem.

You will always encounter problems, no matter if it is life or a code. It depends only on YOU whether you wanna give up or keep going.


5. Structuring Myself

Programming requires structure. Even in life, many things require structure.

Coding is a great way to learn how to plan and structure something. Without a structure, you won’t be able to write a clear code.

Similarly, it requires planning. Whether it is a project or your life. To make good decisions, you need to plan them properly.

You’ll have to work step-by-step on your plan. So programming teaches you how to stucture yourself in real life, too.

Your university could be a good example in this case.

6. Mistakes are a blessing

Every mistake is a chance to improve.

Mistakes are bad. But make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes again.

Because you can make a million mistakes. Every time you make a mistake, you get a chance to improve.

Let’s say you’re working on a project and you forget to work out for a day. So there is a chance to improve. You can wake up early in the morning the next day and sweat it out.

But that doesn’t mean that if you’re having a chance to wake up early and workout but you don’t get out of bed and stay in your comfort zone.

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