Complete guide to writing a blog on medium for designers

If you’re willing to start your blog using the right platform, then this is your complete guide on how to write a blog on the medium right way.

If you’re a blogger trying to make some revenue from medium, then read it till the end, I got something exciting for you!

Let’s start with a few frequently asked questions. (Feel free to skip to the tutorial if you’re sure about medium)

What makes medium a good platform to start with?

A big YES. But still, it depends on what you really want to do on medium. For a few niches, it might be hard to get started. Whereas it’s a great choice for individuals looking for an easy-to-get-started platform.

Let’s say you’re a fashion blogger. It’s a highly competitive niche. If you create a website using WordPress (let’s assume you choose the free plan because we’re talking about medium in comparison and it’s free too).

Medium lets you create an audience it has a huge community as shown in the table above that discusses the pros and cons of having a blog on medium.

Is medium the best platform for you/your business? Have a lot at this table:

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Every platform has its own pros and cons. So according to me, having a blog on the medium is absolutely worth it.

Steps to create your own blog on Medium

Step 1: Visit and click on Start Writing.

steps to create a blog on medium

Step 2: Sign up with Google, Facebook, or email. After that, you’ll see that medium has already set up tools for you so you can blog on medium. Something like this:


Here, you can add a title, and start writing your blog. And when you’re done with your first blog post on medium, click on Publish.

Medium for individual bloggers – here’s how it’s the best for you!

You no longer have to wait for any advertising sites to approve your website for monetization! When you write a blog on medium, you can earn money with the Partner Program.

Basically, you earn for the engagement on your blog posts. Your earnings will depend on the engagement you get from medium members.

You just need to have your first 100 followers with a recent story(blog post in other words).

Mistakes you MUST avoid writing a blog on medium

  • Not staying consistent will affect your blog’s SEO.
  • Focusing on quantity more than quality will ruin the engagement rate.
  • Pro tip: Try to engage with blogs in the same niche to grow your community!

I’ve listed only 3 things above because these are the most common mistakes beginners make.

Share your amazing thoughts in the comments! 🙂

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