Will Machines Replace Programmers? | 1-Minute Read

A lot of jobs can be replaced by machines. But the question is, will machines replace programmers?

GPT-3 Can Code

GPT-3 is an incredibly big AI that can already code in any language.


You can just enter the requirements for your app in natural language and AI will output some code for your desired program.

This Will Change Everything

Technological advances are coming faster and faster and they will change many occupational fields.

Also, the development field will not be the way we know it today.

So, Is This Bad?

No! Technological progress is and was always part of human’s history.

Just because things change, it doesn’t mean they change in a bad way. We just have to adapt to something new as we always needed to.

What People Never Considered Possible

  1. Driving Cars
  2. Computers
  3. Planes
  4. The internet

All these things are completely normal for us nowadays. The same will happen with the changes initiated by AI.

So, Will Machines Replace Programmers?

No, if you ask me, they change the way we program. But they will not replace programmers. As long as clients can’t exactly express what they want and what they need, we’re pretty much safe.

I think, AI will be just a more powerful supporting tool for developers, so that less developers and develop more complex programs.

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